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Visa makes money flow by enabling cardholders, retailers and banks to do business with each other. VISA is the glue that binds the payments system together, bringing real value to cardholders, businesses, members and the economy.

They provide the products and services that make electronic transactions fast, secure and convenient.

VISA doesn't issue cards, doesn't sign up retailers and doesn't decide card holder or retailer fees. All this is done by the banks and other payment service providers who are members of Visa Europe.



MasterCard Incorporated is a multinational financial services corporation, whose worldwide business focus resides in processing payments between the issuing banks of merchants and purchasers who use either a debit or credit card powered by MasterCard. The MasterCard Corporation is a global leader in payment processing across the globe with reliable and fast financial transfers between banking institutions and customers. Since 2006, MasterCard has guaranteed safe and private transactions with full data confidentiality.


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